The Fitting Process – Everything you need to know

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Ever wondered what’s involved in getting a gown “Made to Measure”?

Well, read on as I explain the very simple process in 6 easy steps.

1. Measurements

The beginning of your gown journey. This appointment is short and sweet and normally takes about 15 minutes. I recommend wearing close fitting clothes that are comfortable, you do not have to strip down for this appointment. If you have your wedding shoes please bring them but don’t stress if you don’t as you wont really need them until your third fitting. Please let me know if you would like to try on the sample gown again so I can allow more time together.

2. First Fitting

At this fitting I create a toile of your gown, in most cases just your bodice, which is made in calico. It is recommended that you bring the bra you plan to wear on your big day to this fitting and every subsequent appointment. I also suggests you wear separates i.e. jeans and a T-shirt for ease of fitting. The calico shell is then used as your pattern to cut out your bridal fabrics for your second fitting. Allow 30 minutes max for this fitting.

3. Second Fitting


This fitting will be very similar to the Calico fitting except your bodice will be made in your fabrics. So please wear separates and bring your bra. Allow 30 minutes for the fitting also.

4. Third Fitting


At this fitting your gown will start looking like, well, a gown! It will have its skirt on and may even have lining in it. You will need your bra and foundation garments for this fitting and it is important to have your shoes as well. I recommend keeping all of these items in a bag in your car or near the front door at home so as not to forget them. This is a great fitting to bring friends and family to if you wish.

5. Fourth Fitting


This is the fitting to make sure your hem is the perfect length and you are pined properly for the zip to be sewn in. It is vital that you have your wedding foundation garments AND your shoes with you for this appointment. We also work out the position of your bustle if you require one and any other final details.

6. Fifth and final Fitting


Your final fitting and collection! This is when I check that everything is perfect before you take your gown home. This fitting normally falls the week before your wedding, leaving plenty of time if there are any last minute details to attend
to. You will need your shoes and foundation garments as well as your veil and accessories. It is a great opportunity to see everything as a whole so please feel free to style your hair and do your makeup for this appointment. I also recommend bringing one of your Bridesmaids or your mother with you to observe the dressing process. This ensures there is someone else who knows all the little details for the day of your wedding. Your gown will be given to you in a White Garment Bag and is best laid across the back seat of your car to avoid creasing.

A day of mixed emotions for me, happiness and joy and a little sadness that I wont get to catch up with you again until your pictures are ready to share.

Please note that generally the time I spend with you is quite short, straight forward and relaxed.  The time I spend behind the scenes working on your gown can be several hours at a time to make sure your gown is at the perfect stage for each of your fittings.  This is why I book appointments on Fridays and Saturdays only to make sure I have ample time to work uninterrupted on your gown.

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