Frequently asked questions

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Here are some of the most common questions i get asked, answered for you. If there is something you would like to know that I haven’t covered please fill out the contact form here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


No, I am no longer offering a Custom Design Service.  I have many beautiful designs for you to choose from in my collections. If my style is not your style though, I am sure you will find a dressmaker that may be able to help you with your chosen design.  Thanks for stopping by for a look around!


You can book an appointment to visit me at my beautiful Greenslopes Studio.  At the moment this is the only location where you can try on my gowns.  You can book in here.


As I am a very small operation and I make all of the gowns myself I don’t have multiple sizes in each design.  This is also down to cost as having a lot of sample dresses ties up a lot of money.  Most gowns are a size 10 or 12.


No you don’t!  If you chose to have your gown “Made to Order” there are no fittings included and you can save up to about $900 on the Made to Measure price.


The difference in price is due to the amount of time or labor taken to create a “Made to Measure” gown as opposed to having a gown made to a standard dress size.

When you order a “Made to Measure” gown you are also receiving up to five fittings which vary in time from 30 minutes to an hour plus any changes needed to get the gown to fit you perfectly.

With “Made to Order you are receiving a gown completed to your closest standard dress size.  There may be some alterations needed to get the fit perfect and you can have these done by a seamstress for much less than paying the extra for fittings.  This option is also great for Interstate and International Brides.


Ordering time depends on when your wedding is. If it is in the Peek Wedding Seasons I prefer at least 9 months. This time frame applies to my visiting Interstate Brides and those Brides having an Destination Wedding. If your planning your wedding in low season ordering time can be less between 4 to 6 months but generally I always prefer 9 months.

Fittings always commence about three months prior to your wedding date or departure date for my destination brides. You can read more about ‘Made to Measure’ here


Depending on the style you order I always say allow between 16-20 weeks. I also recommend ordering so you have plenty of time after you receive your gown to have any alterations done, generally a couple of weeks will be plenty of time. It’s a great idea to find your dressmaker or seamstress as soon as you order your gown so you can book in with them as soon as your gown arrives.

You can find out more information about ‘Made to Order’ <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>here


You can read all our policies and information on Shipping  here


I do have a small selection of “Sample Gowns” that can be purchased “Off the Rack”. These gowns are generally smaller sizes and have most likely been tried on a number of times.

My “Sample Gowns” can be bought “As Is” and may need cleaning and some alterations to fit perfectly.  Prices will reflect this and can be a low at a few hundred dollars.  These gowns can be great for Brides on a budget or for those with a short timeframe.  Please contact me to book in for an appointment here