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You spend all day getting ready, looking as radiant as ever. You wear your sweetest lace robe in the morning, while sipping bubbly with your girls and fantasizing about meeting your groom at the altar. Just prior to getting dressed, you slip on your prettiest, laciest under garments and sheer bralette. Just kidding… you’re planning to put your tightest Spanx on or go full-commando, let’s be real.

So, what is the tradition of “consumating” the wedding? According to good old Wikipedia, ‘in many traditions and statutes of civil or religious law, the consummation of a marriage, often called simply consummation, is the first (or first officially credited) act of sexual intercourse between two people, either following their marriageto each other or after a prolonged romantic attraction.’ We like that little addition there, “first officially credited”.

So many things play into how your night will go:

Are you a virgin? Have you two already had sex prior? Do you already live together? Have you talked about this special part of the night? Are you leaving for your honeymoon right away? Do you have a hotel room, suite, or special place to spend the night? Are you nervous? Do you plan to head to your room right after your reception – or stay out for a bit with your guests? Point is: there are so many variables that makes it hard to give advice.


1. First of all, don’t hype it up too much. We all know that stress or pressure can cause things to.. ahem.. not function properly. Or on the flip side, stress or pressure can cause things to feel… not as great as they could. #amirite?

If you’ve never been intimate with each other prior, we’re just going to go ahead and advise that you perhaps wait until the next day. No shame in getting some shut eye and going at it once you’re feeling more rested and less full of champagne.

If you’ve been intimate before, pressure should be off! Think of this as the MOST special time you’ll have with each other all evening and truly focus on each other. Don’t let unrealistic expectations cloud your quality time with your new love.

2. Rock those Spanx, girl: we know you want your booty looking as good as possible in that form fitting gown! When you arrive at your hotel room, have your hubby help you unzip or unbutton your gown, but head to the bathroom to freshen up and change into something a little “breezier”. Splash on some of your wedding day perfume, wash your wedding makeup off (your new husband will just love you au naturale), and don’t worry about the fifteen million bobby pins in your hair. You can remove those tomorrow!

3. With so many honorable differences of opinions on intimacy prior to and the night of your wedding, our next tip is to keep hush hush about your activities. Don’t kiss and tell because you may make someone feel uncomfortable and above all, you should respect the privacy of your new husband or wife. You can, however, pull a girlfriend aside and ask her any intimate questions you have!

In closing, we simply want to bring this issue to the table. We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, stories (good or bad!), and answer any questions if you have them. Pop them into the comments below!





Photographer: Jeanni Dunagan | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Stylist / Planner: Kelly Oshiro | Dress Designer: Jennifer Gifford | Venue: Sunstone Villa | Hair & Makeup Artist: Janet Villa | Veil: Untamed Petals | Slippers: Bella Belle | Delicates + Mask: Journelle | Bodysuit: Hanky Panky | Robe: Flora Nikrooz

Constellations Collection

The Constellations collection has been designed with the romantic in mind.  With soft and delicate overlays and beautiful intricate detailing these gowns are something to behold.  Customisation is available on all of these beautiful gowns including sleeve changes and your choice of colour when choosing your underlay.  Versatile and timeless perfect for the modern romantic.









Heart Aflutter Tour Part 1

To kick things off we will be spoilt with a Sunset River Cruise on the Seine followed by dinner at Laperouse

Plenty of sightseeing with Coco Klick from @Travellur

I plan to spend as much of my spare moments walking the streets of this beautiful city.



A very special Photo Shoot with Joy Proctor & Greg Fink at the incredible Chateaux Vaux Le Vicomte

Finding hidden treasures and beautiful views. Apparently there are some great views to be seen from the Terrace at Printemps

Lots of Tea and Coffee stops in beautiful spots.

Obviously there will be some Must See places to go.





Most importantly there will be some much needed quiet time wandering around the beautiful parks and soaking up the sights.

Keep up to date with all of my adventures on Instagram @jennifergifforddesigns

Set Your Heart Aflutter Tour created by Flutter Magazine with Joy Proctor Design

All images by the incredible Greg Fink

Dove by Lilli Kad Photography

Soft and delicate, the new Constellations Collection captured by Kerstin from Lilli Kad Photography is truly romantic.

A simple setting and natural light makes this Sneak Peek Editorial something beautiful to behold.

Shot on Fuji Film.

























































Lilli Kad Photography

Tiarne Elle from Dally’s Models







Summer Bright Wedding Inspiration by The Bride’s Market

I was so thrilled to be a part of this beautiful shoot created for The Bride’s Market.

Jennifer Gifford Designs will be back for the next event in May and I encourage you to take advantage of the Early Bird Ticket Offer on until the end of March.

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“We wanted to create a beautiful statement of love with lots of colour and happiness. Brisbane Racing Club is a wonderful setting for a wedding big or small and it is a perfect location for a vibrant love-filled celebration.” 


Photography Soda Wedding Photography

Flowers Wilde Flora


Gown Jennifer Gifford Designs

Suit Black Jacket Suiting

Makeup Blissful Makeup

Cake Holly Eloise Cake Artist

Stationery EJR Designs

Venue Brisbane Racing Club

Celebrant Alana Salm from Whiz Bang Wedding Club

Hair Hair by Popular Demand

Event The Bride’s Market

Constellations Editorial









Ethereal, soft and romantic, preview the new Constellations Collection on the blog now.

Beautifully captured by Callie Marshall from  Florido Weddings with stunning hair and Makeup from Tracie Weaver and introducing Gabrielle the face of JGD’s 2017 campaign.

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The Fitting Process – Everything you need to know

Ever wondered what’s involved in getting a gown “Made to Measure”?

Well, read on as I explain the very simple process in 6 easy steps.

1. Measurements

The beginning of your gown journey. This appointment is short and sweet and normally takes about 15 minutes. I recommend wearing close fitting clothes that are comfortable, you do not have to strip down for this appointment. If you have your wedding shoes please bring them but don’t stress if you don’t as you wont really need them until your third fitting. Please let me know if you would like to try on the sample gown again so I can allow more time together.

2. First Fitting

At this fitting I create a toile of your gown, in most cases just your bodice, which is made in calico. It is recommended that you bring the bra you plan to wear on your big day to this fitting and every subsequent appointment. I also suggests you wear separates i.e. jeans and a T-shirt for ease of fitting. The calico shell is then used as your pattern to cut out your bridal fabrics for your second fitting. Allow 30 minutes max for this fitting.

3. Second Fitting


This fitting will be very similar to the Calico fitting except your bodice will be made in your fabrics. So please wear separates and bring your bra. Allow 30 minutes for the fitting also.

4. Third Fitting


At this fitting your gown will start looking like, well, a gown! It will have its skirt on and may even have lining in it. You will need your bra and foundation garments for this fitting and it is important to have your shoes as well. I recommend keeping all of these items in a bag in your car or near the front door at home so as not to forget them. This is a great fitting to bring friends and family to if you wish.

5. Fourth Fitting


This is the fitting to make sure your hem is the perfect length and you are pined properly for the zip to be sewn in. It is vital that you have your wedding foundation garments AND your shoes with you for this appointment. We also work out the position of your bustle if you require one and any other final details.

6. Fifth and final Fitting


Your final fitting and collection! This is when I check that everything is perfect before you take your gown home. This fitting normally falls the week before your wedding, leaving plenty of time if there are any last minute details to attend
to. You will need your shoes and foundation garments as well as your veil and accessories. It is a great opportunity to see everything as a whole so please feel free to style your hair and do your makeup for this appointment. I also recommend bringing one of your Bridesmaids or your mother with you to observe the dressing process. This ensures there is someone else who knows all the little details for the day of your wedding. Your gown will be given to you in a White Garment Bag and is best laid across the back seat of your car to avoid creasing.

A day of mixed emotions for me, happiness and joy and a little sadness that I wont get to catch up with you again until your pictures are ready to share.

Please note that generally the time I spend with you is quite short, straight forward and relaxed.  The time I spend behind the scenes working on your gown can be several hours at a time to make sure your gown is at the perfect stage for each of your fittings.  This is why I book appointments on Fridays and Saturdays only to make sure I have ample time to work uninterrupted on your gown.

All images Prue Franzmann Photography

“Made to Measure” & What you need to know.

Here’s a little run down on the process of having a gown Made to Measure so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Please budget between $3000 to $5000 for this service.




Getting in early

As I work completely independently, it is essential you make an appointment as early as possible.

I always recommended that you book 9 to 12 months in advance, as busy wedding periods can book up very quickly.

Generally I take on a maximum of four weddings per month and spaces can fill fast.

My peek wedding seasons are March, April, May and September, October, November.  These times can book out 12 months in advance.



 Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation I always allow an hour to spend with you in the studio trying on gowns and discussing your options.

You are welcome to bring people with you to this appointment although I always recommend bringing just one or two trusted friends or family members.

To many opinions can cause confusion and unnecessary stress and anxiety.

I recommend wearing something that is easy to get in and out of and comfortable nude underwear and bring a strapless bra if you have one.

I always try to make this appointment a relaxed and fun experience, as it should be when you are shopping for your wedding gown.



Money matters

If you are happy to go ahead with your order a 40% deposit is required, this secures your booking and covers the costs of your fabrics.

The remaining balance of the gown will need to be paid in monthly instalments, with the final payment due the month prior to your wedding.

This ensures you are not lumped with a large bill just before your big day. I prefer not to handle cash so I recommend setting up a reoccurring EFT for peace of mind.

I can also take Credit Card payments in store and over the phone.




Once your deposit clears I will order all of your fabrics {please note that these can take anywhere from a
week to three months to arrive}.

When your fabrics comes in I will cut swatches and either send them via mail or make an appointment with you for their collection.

The swatches of your fabrics are helpful when choosing Bridesmaids dresses, flowers and shoes.

If you require more than one swatch please let me know at time of ordering in case more fabric is required.

Looking your best

The next time you will see me will be for measurements, about 12 weeks prior to your wedding or for those brides marrying overseas 12 weeks prior to your departure date.

It is imperative that if you are planning on loosing any weight in the lead up to your wedding that you begin your maintenance phase once your measurements have been taken.

An extra fee may be charged if alterations are required after your second fitting due to weight loss or gain.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and starting a healthy eating and exercise regime is a great way of coping with tricky seating plans and difficult bridesmaids.

Please always remember though, that he is marrying you because he Loves you just the way your are!

Time Frame

The process from here on in is fairly straight forward and stress free, every two weeks or so I will see you for a fitting with generally 4 to 5 in total.

Your first fitting, two weeks after your measurements, will be your calico toile and this is then used as your pattern for your gown.

The second fitting will be similar to the first but your gown will be in your fabrics.

Your third fitting sees your skirt go on at which time your length in checked. You will need your shoes for this fitting.

The fourth fitting is to ensure your gown fits perfectly before the zip and hem is completed.

Your final appointment/fitting is to make sure everything is perfect before collection which generally falls one to two weeks out from your wedding.

For more information on the process check out my FAQ Page Here or to book an appointment fill in the form on the Contact Page Here.

All images by Prue Franzmann Photography.